Note: Due to the coronavirus, we do not currently bring instruments or hoops to share at our events.

Caroleeena Circles of Joy owner and instructor
people dancing in the drum circle
Jesse the Bucket Drummer

RDC is a community in rhythm!

We are dedicated to using the universal language of percussive music and dance for creative self-expression. In doing so, we encourage cultural awareness, embrace diversity, and promote harmony and community through rhythm.

No experience is necessary

Everyone has something to offer the circle and all are welcome. We offer a family-friendly drum circle and flow jam for all ages and abilities. Feel free to drop by and play.

Special thanks to Leah Palmer Preiss for designing our logo! Check out her Curious Art website! Gratitude to all the photographers whose images are on our media sites. There are so many that have given us photos. Jonah Kuttner of Circle Limit, along with many of our RDC “regulars”… we appreciate your work! Contact us if you’d like to be mentioned individually.